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ACAS is results-focused and service-oriented, and our consultants have best-in-class technical expertise. Our approach is distinctive in six ways:


1. We operate on a lean, networked model. Our network of partners and associates gives us the flexibility to configure the right team for assignments we implement. We don’t need to chase contracts to pay for offices and overheads and can focus on assignments we feel passionate about. We believe that when our experts do work they believe in, then great results follow.


2. We are structured to enable collaboration. We believe that collaboration is critical for work in this sector; whether it is with clients, peer organisations, or local counter-parts. Our corporate structure and outlook enables us collaborate and actively build alliances with others that yield results.  


3. We are Asian and local across the region. We will soon be one of the few leading Asian owned and run companies in this sector. Much of our investment in time and resources goes to attract top-notch Asian and Pacific expertise and to cultivate extended networks in our our region. This helps us to gauge and ground-truth social and political dynamics, appreciate cultural sensitivities, and access hard-to-reach stakeholders.


4. We are field-tested and pragmatic. All of our partners have lived and worked in fragile and conflict-affected environments, playing lead roles in operational agencies responsible for delivery. We are hands-on, unpretentious and know how to operate credibly, safely, and effectively.


5. We are creative. We are not doctrinaire or wedded to a predetermined perspective. We search for the best-available solution and customize it to respond to our clients’ challenges. We encourage innovative approaches and risk-taking but always from a position of being grounded.


6. We give back. As a learning organisation, we are mindful that our success builds on the thinking and experience of many other organisations. We feel it is important, therefore, to give back and do so by sharing our insight and methods in the INCAS in Practice series and other publications. We also actively promote creativity in the sector through our support to Artraker, which is the main recipient of our philanthropic giving.



OT mine satellite dishes

Communications infrastructure at a mine site in Mongolia. Photo credit: David Nyheim