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2016: Our launch year


ACAS (Asia Conflict and Security) Consulting Ltd. works on the intersection of conflict, development and investment. We provide services in conflict and security analysis, conflict-sensitive development, adaptation planning and management, stakeholder management, and business risk management and resilience.


ACAS Consulting Ltd. is part of the INCAS Consulting Group (Valletta) and a sister company of WACAS Consulting Ltd (Abuja) and ECAS Consulting Ltd. (London).


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2016 is exciting for us. We are in the midst of establishing ourselves as a leading conflict and security consultancy in Asia.  As part of a group of regional consulting companies with now over 10 years of experience and a really good operating model, our set up will be quick.


We have started the recruitment for  three new Partners from the region. While this process goes on, our current Partners are doing the groundwork. 2016 will see us registered in Hong Kong, a solid Associate base created, institutional partnerships fostered, and, of course, the first assignments implemented.  


And also, our website will become more embellished and complete.