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Conflict and security analysis


- Fragility and Risk Assessments

- Conflict Analyses

- Political Economy Analyses

- Human Security Mapping

- Evaluations and Data Analysis


Conflict sensitive development


- Conflict Sensitive Development and Risk Planning

- Inclusive Economic Development

- Conflict Sensitive Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

- Public Financial Management and Accountability (Social Audits)


Adaptation planning and management


- Vulnerability and Risk Analysis

- Adaptation Planning

- Strategy Development

- Migration Management


Stakeholder engagement


- Stakeholder Engagement and Mapping

- Mediation and Host Country Dialogue

- Conflict and Dispute Resolution


Business risk management and resilience


- Human Rights Impact Assessments

- Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights

- Conflict-sensitive ESIAs

- Social Licence to Operate Strategy


ACAS Consulting Ltd covers the Asian region for the INCAS Group.  We work with our sister companies, ECAS Consulting Ltd. and WACAS Consulting Ltd. on assignments in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.  



Soldiers deployed at a school in Southern Thailand. Photo credit: Don Pathan