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Conflict and security analysis


- Fragility and Risk Assessments

- Conflict Analyses

- Political Economy Analyses

- Human Security Mapping

- Evaluations and Data Analysis


Conflict sensitive development


- Conflict Sensitive Development and Risk Planning

- Inclusive Economic Development

- Conflict Sensitive Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

- Public Financial Management and Accountability (Social Audits)


Adaptation planning and management


- Vulnerability and Risk Analysis

- Adaptation Planning

- Strategy Development

- Migration Management


Stakeholder engagement


- Stakeholder Engagement and Mapping

- Mediation and Host Country Dialogue

- Conflict and Dispute Resolution


Business risk management and resilience


- Human Rights Impact Assessments

- Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights

- Conflict-sensitive ESIAs

- Social Licence to Operate Strategy


Soldiers deployed at a school in Southern Thailand. Photo credit: Don Pathan